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Rebuilding lives & strengthening communities
by providing experience, strength, and hope
to people with substance abuse and mental health needs.

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Our Services:

Alano Recovery Program (ARP)
Here at ARP, we believe that recovery is a process, not an event, and one that is better taken with a guide. We treat the disease of addiction on an individual basis, through an assessment process. Our goal is to tailor a unique recovery experience that matches the needs of each client who enters our program.

Alano Recovery Homes (ARH)
Offering safe and sober living for men and women. If you are seeking a more structured recovery, Alano House operates two sober living homes for men and one for women. A supportive living environment promotes healthy lifestyle changes and long-term recovery

Alano House offers a safe and healthy environment for the alcoholic/addict and their families to find recovery.
Alano Recovery Program Alano Recovery Homes
Alcohol and Drug Rehab Sober Living: Men or Women

Substance Abuse
  Early Recovery
  Relapse Prevention
  Family Education
  Social Support
  Women in Recovery

Mental Health
  Seeking Safety (PTSD)
  Anger Management
  Grief & Loss
  Depression Management
  Building Self-Esteem

Pastoral Support
  Introduction to 12-Steps
  Came to Believe
  Spiritual Pathways


Recovery Support
  Vocational Education
  Life Skills
  Supportive Housing
  Wellness Recovery

Criminal Justice
  Corrective Actions
  Getting it Right
  Courage to Change

  Level I Education
  Level II Education
  Level II Therapy
  Interlock Enhanced Counseling

  Sober-Social Activities
  Alcohol and Drug Testing

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