Community Detox Facility

In order to be in our program you will need to have at least 24 hours of sobriety / clean time. If you get here and are intoxicated, you will likely be asked to go to detox. This is normal, as many of us need help in order to quit drinking and using drugs.

Here in Colorado Springs, Colorado we are very fortunate to have a Community Detox Facility that is operated by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. This detox facility is funded by the state and community, so there are NO COSTS associated with going to detox.

Not only is it a free detox, but the staff members there are very caring and knowledgeable. They understand what you are going through and treat you with respect. We work very closely with the staff members at detox and visit the facility often. We will be asking you to call us every day while you are there so you can let us know how you are doing.

For more information regarding our Community Detox Facility, please visit the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office website at

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