Counselor Education - CAC I

Ever wanted to become a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) and help people on their recovery journey?

The first step towards obtaining that goal is to educate yourself! At Alano House we offer the CAC classes you will need in order to achieve your CAC1 certification.

CAC I classes we offer at Alano House include:

Addiction Counseling Skills (21 hours) - The purpose of this class is to provide a framework and counseling model for working with clients with substance use disorders.

Client Records Management (14 hours) - This class is part designed to provide the counselor with an understanding of the clinical record and the continuum of client care that the record documents.

Principles of Addiction Treatment (21 hours) - This class presents the models of addiction, defines and outlines various types of addiction treatment, presents the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) principles of effective treatment and reviews the use of evidence-based treatment approaches.

Professional Ethics 1 (Ethics and Jurisprudence) (14 hours) - Knowledge of ethics and the law related to the practice of psychotherapy is essential for safe practice.

Culturally Informed Treatment (14 hours) - This class will provide a basic foundation for understanding how cultural competence, awareness and sensitivity can improve quality of care and increase positive outcomes.

Infectious Diseases in Addiction Treatment (14 hours) - Those who are abusing substances are at risk for contracting and spreading infectious diseases. Helping clients understand these risks is a cornerstone of addiction counseling.

Pharmacology 1 (14 hours) - Training in pharmacology is a cornerstone of addiction counseling and a major part of what differentiates the professional field of addiction counseling from other mental health disciplines.

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) is the state agency that regulates the mental health professions in Colorado and is responsible for the registration, certification and licensure of addiction counselors; establishes fees; evaluates the qualifications of applicants; approves certification and licensure for qualified practitioners; and investigates grievances against mental health professionals. For more information please visit Addiction Counselor Certification and Licensure.

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