DUI Services

In addition to the treatment services we offer at Alano, we are licensed by the State of Colorado to provide DUI education and therapy. These services are generally for clients who have been charged with Driving Under the Influence and are ordered by the courts.

We offer DUI classes in the evening and on weekends*. Please call 719-520-1732 to schedule your DUI intake today.

DUI Education:
12 Weeks / 24 Hours

DUI Therapy:
Track A: 21 Weeks / 42 Hours
Track B: 26 Weeks / 52 Hours
Track C: 34 Weeks / 68 Hours
Track D: 43 Weeks / 86 Hours

Interlock Enhanced Counseling:
We now also offer Interlock Enhanced Counseling (IEC). Please ask how we can help save you some money and time by signing you up for this new service.

Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drug and alcohol testing is available.

Did You Know?

More and more DUI offenders now have, or will have an ignition interlock requirement. The full DMV requirements are on their web site.

  • The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles has a mandatory 2 year interlock requirement for DUI offenders with more than one offense, and also for FIRST time offenders with a high BAC (at or above .17%).

  • There is also a DMV voluntary interlock program for offenders who have a first DUI with a BAC at or above .08%. Instead of a 9 month revocation, they can reinstate after one month with an interlock.

  • First time offenders with a high BAC can also reinstate after one month, IF they are enrolled in a Level II program (education & therapy). See above for class information.

  • Failed starts on the interlock are a greater predictor of DUI recidivism than prior DUIs.

* There is an additional $20 charge for materials. Discounts are available for clients who wish to pay for all their classes in advance.

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