Pastoral Support

At Alano we believe in treating the whole person, including his or her spiritual self. Many of our philosophies surrounding recovery hail from the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a spiritual program of action. In our program you will often hear your counselor referring to the “spirit of recovery”, instead of asking you to subscribe to a specific religion or ideal. We strive to always be inclusive, instead of exclusive.

Our pastoral support groups at Alano consist of:

Came to Believe:

Came to Believe is a spiritual group we offer that is based on the red AA book, “Came to Believe.” It chronicles the spiritual adventure of AA as experienced by individual members. We find that this group is especially helpful for those in early recovery who perhaps prefer “spiritual” over “religious.”

Introduction to the 12-Steps:

Intro to the 12-Steps is a continuous class designed to educate and inform clients, helping them to better understand aspects of the different 12-Step programs. Topics covered in this class include the 12 steps of AA, the 12 traditions of AA, the three legacies, how to obtain a good sponsor, and more. This class is taught by volunteer members of local 12-step groups who have decades of recovery experience and want to share it with you.

Spiritual Pathways:

Spiritual Pathways is a spiritual group we offer that encourages clients to foster and develop a personal relationship with a “higher power.” Where the other pastoral support groups at Alano focus primarily on experiences we have as a collective group, Spiritual Pathways aims to guide you towards the path that you need to take on an individual level.

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