Executive Director

R. E. Hazen was promoted to Executive Director in October, 2015. He brings a variety of life experiences that, combined with his educational successes, provide a strong foundation for leadership with the organization. Prior to his appointment as the Executive Director, R. E. Hazen was the Clinical Director for Alano House for five years. Additionally, he has served in the United States Army (10 years) and was employed as a law enforcement officer with the Colorado Department of Corrections and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. He has over fifteen years of experience working with offender populations, individuals having a history of trauma and grief, and with individuals and families having substance abuse concerns. He has been recognized for his contributions in developing, implementing, and maintaining programs focusing on the treatment of these populations. His passion not only extends to the continued quality care of the client, but includes additional focus on general public safety and the development of professionals. He is currently licensed with the State of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor (#5529) and as a Certified Addiction Counselor III (#7046).

R. E. Hazen graduated from Laurel High School (Laurel, MT) in 1988. From there, he completed an AA in General Studies from Pikes Peak Community College (1997), BS in Sociology/Criminology/Psychology from Colorado State University-Pueblo (1999), and a MA in Professional Counseling from Liberty University (2003). He has also completed post-degree certification in Stress Management and Consultation from Canyon College (with a focus on PTSD and trauma response) (Caldwell, ID, 2008). He is currently in his final year of a doctoral program, seeking an EdD in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University-Denver.

His theoretical orientation for counseling is founded in Reality Therapy, and has integrated cognitive-behavioral, dialectical, Jungian, and existential theories. He uses techniques found in solution-focused, object-relations, family systems, Gestalt, and Adlerian orientations. His approach to working with staff is to assist all in improving their skills through strengthening each person’s personal growth, well-being and professional identify.

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