Clinical Director

Ray E. Hazen is the Clinical Supervisor at Alano. He brings a variety of life experiences that combined with his education allow him to connect with the wide range of clients seeking services with our organization. Prior to becoming a counselor, he served in the United States Army (10 years) and was employed as a law enforcement officer with the Colorado Department of Corrections and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. He has over eleven years of experience working with offender populations, individuals having a history of trauma and grief, and with individuals and families having substance abuse concerns. He has been recognized for his contributions in developing, implementing, and maintaining programs focusing on the treatment of these populations. His passion not only extends to the continued quality care of the client, but includes additional focus on general public safety and the development of professionals within each field.

Ray has completed a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling and is currently seeking a doctoral degree in Psychology. After completing the Master’s Degree, he also attended the training necessary to be nationally certified as a Stress Management Counselor (with a focus on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). He is currently licensed as a Certified Addiction Counselor (Level III-Supervisor), and Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado.

Ray believes that the aim of therapy is to assist individuals in gaining more effective control over their own lives through the satisfaction of their needs. He asks clients and family members to honestly look at what they want and what they are doing to get there. He emphasizes the whole person (thoughts, emotions, behaviors, internal and external events, etc…). He places a great focus on mutual respect, as well as focusing on the present for a better future. A person’s ability to achieve a more responsible life is never forsaken.

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