Substance Abuse Treatment

At Alano House, our primary emphasis is on recovery from substance abuse. Our outpatient treatment program comes from The Matrix Model, a Hazelden publication. Recovery takes time and occurs in stages. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

There are four components to our substance abuse treatment program:

1. Early Recovery Skills (ERS):

ERS introduces clients to the basic tools of recovery and aids clients in stopping drug and alcohol use. It provides a structured group meeting for new clients to learn about recovery skills and 12-step and mutual-help programs.

2. Relapse Prevention:

Relapse Prevention allows clients to interact with other people in recovery. It presents specific relapse prevention material and allows clients to participate in a long-term group experience.

3. Family Education:

Family Education assists clients in working through their family’s extreme anger and blaming, unwillingness to trust, conflict with recovery activities, and more. At Alano we believe strongly that addiction is a family disease and that everyone in the family unit needs to be work together in order to achieve success.

4. Social Support:

Social Support is your lifetime membership at Alano, and it is our lifelong commitment to your health and well-being. It assists clients in long-term recovery as a source of camaraderie and support, a source of spiritual strength, and a source of new activities and friends.

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