Trauma Therapy

At Alano we believe in treating the underlying causes and conditions that lead to substance abuse. Because that is the case, we offer many treatment programs that aim to treat both the substance abuse and the underlying cause(s) such as trauma (PTSD), anger, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, and self-esteem.

Our trauma therapy program is a great example of this. Seeking Safety is a therapeutic group which helps clients to attain safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior, and emotions. In addition, at Alano we have clinicians who have been trained extensively and received certifications in stress management.

PTSD is a significant issue in our local community of Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we have five military installations and 40,000 active duty soldiers. Many of these soldiers have been deployed to Afghanistan and/or Iraq multiple times and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. PTSD is not exclusive to soldiers who have served in wartime, however. It can come at any age and can be the result of many kinds of events such as assault, domestic abuse, and rape. Common symptoms of PTSD include flashback episodes, emotional numbing, and hyper-vigilance.

Call us if you are suffering from trauma, anger, depression, anxiety, grief & loss, or low self-esteem. We can help you.

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